Most of our very satisfied guests are happy to come back (as our  friends :-) ), because Yogyakarta offers so much that you can stay there for months!

We therefore recommend that you put Yogyakarta in your schedule for at least    3 days. 

Our goal is, &  also one of our specialties is; to arrange everything for you, 

so that you can enjoy this beautiful country, and leave it all in our hands!

You do not have to worry about ;

"how to get to the place quickly "and  "via a beautiful route that I would like to see? "

"Am I paying the right price? "      "Is what I want to see in real life also worth the time and effort? "    "Where can I eat delicious, safe, and not too spicy food? " 

Your stay will be truly a special experience! 

It is also very nice to have a trusted person close by, in a country where you do not speak the language good and many inhabitants do not speak English.

Als0  a great  country with a beautiful culture, but many other ways of life and of how to live, nice to really get to know their way of life and try to understand it !! 

Your guide / driver / butler / new FRIEND 

will be your greatest asset for a successful holiday and discovery of Indonesia. 

We like to be honest and offer you a wonderful holiday at a fair price!
Therefore book directly with us,   via the booking options on this web-page, or via email. 

You then save at least 20% on the prices of the internet booking sites, such as Booking, com, Agoda Expedia, etc. etc. 

We often have to pay them 20% commission, so a waste of your money! Book directly, which is very nice for us and for you!
(During the Covid-19 era, these great sites have completely abandoned hotels as well, 

with their billions of dollars in profits over the years!)